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meridian Meridian Masters-Pellet-Stoves-Bowie-MD-Fireplace-Insert-Pellet-Stove-Enviro-Customer-Installs-7 meridian

1.Meridian FS pellet stove in a corner on a concrete floor. Vertical piping up through the roof with vertical end cap. All black trim, no log set, Herb  now has a warm office, no more sweaters to work.

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2. Meridian FS pellet stove on a standard pad. Vertical piping with a 90% elbow going out of a basement. No more cold basement!







masters-pellet-stove-bowie-md-meridian-freestanding-8 masters-pellet-stove-bowie-md-meridian-freestanding-7 masters-pellet-stove-bowie-md-meridian-freestanding-6 masters-pellet-stove-bowie-md-meridian-freestanding-5

5.Meridian FS pellet stove with gold trim on a standard pad. Vertical piping in basement. Batman found his new Robin.



$700 Grant Program

Ask us about the $700 Pellet Stove Grant Program! To help Maryland homeowners invest in clean energy, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) provides grants for clean burning wood stoves. Read more

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