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#1: Milan Fireplace insert. Officer Jill & family ponder and celebrate new member.

#2: Milan Fireplace insert. Mr. J,  looking forward to a warm football season and a redskin revival.

#3: Milan fireplace insert into contractor granite surround. Patrick and family picture perfect.

#4: Milan Fireplace Insert. After demo of heatallator with 4” skirt bottom. Dawana C. and best friend warm and toasty!

#5: Milan Fireplace Insert, in heatallator, with a back filler. Jean W says that its a stove worthy of a true Ohio state fan.

#6: Milan Fireplace Insert. Second picture shows top plate with cap. Richard and his buddy foxy not only love muscle cars, but they also enjoy the warmth of a pellet stove.

#7: Milan fireplace insert. Herman now has hot basement.

#8: Milan fireplace insert. Phil, wife & dog. 2 out of 3 smiled.


#9: Milan FPI after demo of heatallor. Susan and family happy, Milan completes room.

#10: Milan Fireplace Insert, in brick fireplace. John C. couldn’t be happier to replace his old stove with a new and more efficient milan Fpi.

#11: Milan FPI after demo of heatallator. Rob and family, infants are always mellow next to Milan’s fire.

#12: Milan fireplace insert. A little trim work and Milan is in like flint.


#13: Milan fireplace inserts. Lauren R and family are glad to have a nice and warm basement in their new home.

#14: Milan Fireplace insert. Milan FPI in 2-sided corner fireplace. Mike B. and Obama are going green.

#15: Milan Fireplace Insert. Arron M. (not Ray Lewis!) couldn’t be happier with his new stove.

#16: Milan Fireplace Insert. Henry D. (Roots for Pats, wife loves RAVENS!) is warm during the game.

#17: Milan Fireplace Insert. Now that they have the Milan, kids promise to complete the renovation.

#18: Milan Fireplace Insert. Flush mount on 3-sided wall. Is good to replace an old beat up stove with a beautiful new Milan.

#19: Milan fireplace insert with 2″ skirt at bottom. Howard and family all smiles.

#20: Milan Fireplace Insert. Mr. A and best friend fight for prime real estate infront stove…

#21: Milan fireplace insert. Rich and boss enjoy new toy.

#22: Milan Fireplace Insert, in brick fireplace. Nothing keeps Joann W warm and cozzy like her new pellet stove does.

#23: Milan Fireplace Insert, in brick fireplace. second picture shows 4” clean out T with piping. Mr S. enjoys the finer things in life, and his pellet stove is one of them.

#24: Milan Fireplace Insert, in brick fireplace. The first thing Todd P did after buying his new home was get a pellet stove, and he tells us made the right decision.

#25: Milan Fireplace Insert, in heatalator. UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Will get new pictures when finished.

#26: Milan fireplace insert. Gene, a great guy, gives big smiles.

#27: 2 Milan fireplace inserts. Kristin G and family are exited to have not one, but two pellet stoves to keep her home and family warm during these cold winters.


#28: Milan Fireplace insert. Debbie D cant wait to sit around the stove with some hot chocolate during these cold winter months.


#29: Milan Fireplace insert. Pug says stay away from my stove.


$700 Grant Program

Ask us about the $700 Pellet Stove Grant Program! To help Maryland homeowners invest in clean energy, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) provides grants for clean burning wood stoves. Read more

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